How to authorize a emulator?

Thales Cavalcanti 8 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Matthijs Dankelman 8 years ago 6

You have to register on the iridiummobile.net web site as an integrator and use your login and password to authorize a Emulator

Can you be more explicitly, because I have tried many way with no success.

In User and Panel , it said that this email is registered as a integrator.

Where do I use my login and pass:?


Thales it means that your question is not "How to authorize a emulator?" but "How to Invite user in object". Please ask in the topic exactly what you mean, better with the screenshots.

Ok so you are trying to invite user in "Users and Panels" tab of Object in Cabinet. Generally you have to use this instruction: http://dev.iridiummobile.net/IRidium_for_iOS/en#Commercial_Use

You cannot invite to the object another integrator or your own account. You can invite only the End User who is not registered on the web site as an integrator. Then he'll receive an email with the link, he'll be able to select his own password and authorize in app. All the steps and details described in the article.

But if you just want to start the Emulator, pls take YOUR OWN integrator's login and password from the web site and add it in Log In tab of Emulator. You don't need to invite yourself before authoorisation with Intergrator's account.


Sorry about that,

But I do find where add the login and pas

Where do I find the Log In tab of Emulator?


Log-in tab in windows is opened with F7 as showed in the link Ekatarina posted.