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i3pro and server mismatch

Damian Martinez 7 лет назад в Общий обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 лет назад 4

Good morning. Im creating a i3pro - iridium server project to control a 5-line knx installation. Some times when I assign a command to a buttom in the interface the server sends a knx telegram to a different group address.

The server and the interface app are synchronized. When I write to the group address directly from the server web interface it works. It seems that the order from the interface to the server has a mismatch

How can I solve this? How does the server-interface communication work?

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Hello Damian

Can you please tell us the version of iRidium Studio u use and send a projects? We have to see the sample of Command that has been sent incorrect. (you can share the projects with us via support@iridiummobile.ru).

It could be an error of sync via server and client part, but we have to check to be sure

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Does you still has this problem?

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