Integration of the protection system against leaks "Neptune" in iRidium

Игорь Шикин 7 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 3

Good afternoon!

At the site there was a question about integration with Netune, they have a mobile application


Are you considering integration at the API level (similar to the ready-made Dune, Sonos, etc.)?

Is there a leakage protection system in which you are already moving towards implementing integration with iRidium


Запросов на интеграцию с этой системой еще не было, оставлю на голосование. Если будет проявлен интерес то свяжемся с производителем по возможному открытию АПИ. Сейчас об этом на сайте информации нет.

There were no requests for integration with this system, I will leave it to the vote.