Several servers, one control panel

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is it possible to connect one control panel to the several servers, as it implements on the scheme.

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How many licenses AV&CD we will need in this case?


You can create a single Cloud Object with the single license.

The number of Server tags must be calculated as

"Tags of iRidium Server 1"+"Tags of iRidium Server 2"+"Tags of iRidium Server 3" = total number of tags.

And you have to count the total number of needed Control panels to choose the tariff.

In iRidium Cloud you'll create an object (for example) 3 of GUI projects and 3 of Server projects. On control panel you can switch between this projects to see the status of each automation system (Object #1..3 on your scheme)

The other way: create 3 separated Cloud Objects and Invite a single user to all of them.

In each object you'll use 1 server.

But in this case you have to manage 3 separated Cloud objects with 3 licenses

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