Importing DAP-files for Domintell

Theo Derks 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by Wouter Verbeeck 7 years ago 3


In Domintell, now the installer has to go to the project to scan the Domintell-bus (connect the laptop to the installation and scan with the GUI Editor). This is not convinient.

Please add an option to import the DAP-files from Domintell directly in the GUI-editor, so the installer don't have to drive to the house of the end-user to scan the Domintell-bus.




This is also an annoying situation. When e.g. the installer does a change in Domintell I have to go on site to read the file in and do a reprogramming. This takes a lot of time and gives dissatisfied customers!!


So far, the only workaround is with teamviewer or something alike on a physical PC on-site.

The same importig of program file exists for KNX

Why not domintell?

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