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ahmad alnems 7 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 7 years ago 7

Could you please do that in i3 pro

Temporarily you can use a simple script

function trigger_var()
(IR.GetVariable("Global.inp")) ?
IR.SetVariable("Global.out", IR.GetVariable("Global.value1")) :
IR.SetVariable("Global.out", IR.GetVariable("Global.value0"));

(use also "Save To Gallery")


for the command with syntax that you like

function trigger_var()
//only one string in single quotes is allowed
((IR.GetVariable("Global.inp")) ? IR.GetVariable("Global.value1") : IR.GetVariable("Global.value0"))
.replace(/[0-9]+(?![^']*')/g, String.fromCharCode) //convert numbers to Char
.replace(/[, ]+(?![^']*')/g,'') //remove commas 
.replace(/\'(?!\')/g,''));  //'//remove single quotes, use double single quotes to escape

how many vote do you need to proceed ?

I don't know, maybe 10 - 15


Shall we go on ?


ok, we will do it in future