Domintell from JavaScript

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When using the Domintell driver there is an extra level in the drivers tree:

Image 18097

You have the actual driver ("Domintell Network (UDP)") and then all the individual Domintell modules, then the commands and feedbacks.

How can I use these from JavaScript?

I know a reference to the driver can be obtained like this:

IR.GetDevice("Domintell Network (UDP)")

But how do I for example send something to the command "Entree"?




you can find a syntax in samples:

// Domintell. "Domintell Network (UDP)" - name of network
// "DDIM01" - name of Device in Network, "Channel 1" - name of Channel, 100 - value to send
IR.GetDevice("Domintell Network (UDP)").Set("DDIM01:Channel 1", 100);

it works the same with the other JS methods

Network - as a device, Subdevice:Channel - as a chennel

Thank you!

Must have overlooked the sample.