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Problem in levels

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 jaar geleden in Applications / Studio (Server editor) bijgewerkt door Ilya Markov (expert) 7 jaar geleden 1


Create new project

Create button, and change type to 'level'

See, that 'on hold' option is not available in Object properties

Now, drag & drop a command to the level. See, that the 'on hold' option is available.

Check this option, and press OK.

Now we have the problem:

The command is not visible (because 'on hold' is not visible in Programming tab), but when you hoover the mouse above the command ( in project device panel), you can see it is bound to 'on hold'!

The only option now, (workaround) is to right-click the level, and choose 'Remove all relations from button'.

Please, remove the option 'on move' when drag & drop a command to a level, so installers can not make the error to check the 'on move' option.