raspberry pi home assistant control

Barry Jones 7 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 5

does the raspberry pi zwave driver work with raspberry pi home assistant. and if not is there a driver to control things on home assistant. ie zwave, alarm stuff and more

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Sorry, but did not understand your question

Raspberry pi has an automation software called home assistant, wanted to know if the raspberry pi zwave driver can control the home assistant on raspberry pi

No, we do not have integration with this system. Our server can manage the same systems, why use "home assistant"?

It would be great if it could but sadly their is very little evidence of this, I am an integrator I use iridium for audio visual control, we do zwave automation brands such as Vera and fibaro, lighting control such as insteon, we do cameras such as dahua, alarm systems such as arrowhead, we have our own GUI and not one of the ones provided, iridium is a great product but I think it's missed the mark a little, it's missing a programmers forum to supply programming services for people like myself who don't have the time to do scripting, their is no real list of device intergration we need a device forum for intergrators to share device drivers even at a cost, and not just for 3lite. i would love to be able to ask the programmers forum for a quote to get scripting done and get a real answer and not just have your request go missing, have made many requests and sergestions and never got a response . I love the product but with out basic services from iridium it's hard for some one to navigate without spending a lot of time in R&D.


I understand you.

We develop functions for use modules from i3 lite in i3pro. I think, it will be more convenient for you