Read initial state of KNX equipment

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Hi guys,

when I start client (visualization) I like to read data of KNX equipment to show what is switched and what is not. 

I try to use this but it sends no read command on KNX bus.

Drivers.iRidium Server.KNX IP Router.Valve1state is feedback from a switch.


  IR.GetVariable("Drivers.iRidium Server.KNX IP Router.Valve1state");
  IR.GetVariable("Drivers.iRidium Server.KNX IP Router.Valve2state");
  IR.GetVariable("Drivers.iRidium Server.KNX IP Router.Valve3state");
  IR.GetVariable("Drivers.iRidium Server.KNX IP Router.Hum");
  IR.GetVariable("Drivers.iRidium Server.KNX IP Router.Temp");

  IR.GetPage("Main").GetItem("GardenState").Text = "BEEE";


How can I do that? I3 reacts only on feedbacks but I am missing initial state of equipment.


Waiting for user's reply


You do not need to read data from the feedback channels with help GetVariable method when the project starts.

If the data is stored in the server's feedback channels, the panel project will automatically read these data when connected to the server.

Therefore, to begin with, make sure that the server reads data from the KNX bus at the start of the project. 

Note that if you want to read any channels from the KNX bus at the start of the project, you need to set the Read flag for these channels in the ETS.

Thank you. You are right. 

Moreover, I've discovered, I need to set for KNX driver the parameter SEND TIME to 50 (ms). Default value is 0. After that it works as expected.