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HI there, is it not possible to create an account on I3.

I click Share and open input e-mails and choose projet than  only have send or cancel


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At the start of the application, which introduces email and password, click on the link "forgot password?". On the user's e-mail comes a link to change your password.

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I can not understand you, please describe in more detail. Can you make screenshots, what's the problem?

whete is the create an account button?

The "Create" button is available only after you enter a new user's mail. The system checks that this user is not in the system and allows you to create an account.

Hi there a created an account for my cliente, but it says password is invalid. How can I saw or change password

I did not find this "forgot password"


In order to change the password, your user can use "Forgot password"

Did not have this information in my iphone and probably is the same on clients iphone


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Which version of i3Pro do you use? Try to delete i3Pro from your phone and install it again.

Version 1,18:12784



It is very importante that we can manage the client information.


I deleted the client account to try start from the beginig and use another password, but the system understand as a existent account, impossible to set another pass.




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Hello, is your problem still unresolved?