Beckhoff ADS ready?

Tero Mäkelä 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

Got email that Beckhoff ADS driver is finally available! Wohoo, first I was crying cause i was so happy! But, fortunately driver still shows "beta" in iridium studio version 1.1.5 and i can't get ADS connection to work. It just freezes twincat 3 every time i'll add command/feedback channel to iridium server.

Any ideas?

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Tero, glad that our product causes you tears of happiness)

The correct driver name with the word ADS will appear in version 1.1.6 (now in beta).

I pay attention, that twinkat and this driver can not work in parallel. They create competitive connections to the device. Try turning off the twinkat for testing.

Hi Aleksandr!

Thanks for quick reply. Yes, tears of happiness indeed :)

Is there any solution for iridium/twincat parallel ads connection? I think it's quite annoying to debug / test interface if i cannot use twincat in parallel.


It can work at the same time if it is on different computers and will require additional setting routers via twincat.

For example, settings for twincat2:

SYSTEM - Configuration -> Route Settings -> Tab (Static Routes) -> Add...

Route Name target: Any name

AmsNetId: your ip + 1.1 (example

Transport Type: TCP/IP

Address Info: your ip

click button "Add Route" and after button "Close"

Hi, I have purchased Beckhoff ADS license, but not able to communicate with Beckhoff PLC CX8090.

I have followed the procedure given at http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Beckhoff/en.

But not able to see any status in TwinCat. Even tried assigning button to control KL2809 digital output channel but no success.

Pls guide.

Do you use twincat 2 or 3?