Undocked windows

Igor Zafievsky 7 лет назад обновлен 7 лет назад 6

Is there a way to undocking Iridium Studio views to make a work more comfortable in multi-display PCs?


The editor window is indivisible. For a multi-display, it is assumed that the emulator or the log is separate.

I use the script editor for the second screen, but when switching between projects this window is closed, which is very inconvenient. Panels in the editor can be undocked.

Andrey S: you know something that CTO doesn't? Very nice... Can you explain, how to undock a panel in Studio?

There are difficulties with the translation, it was not very clear what it means "undocking Iridium Studio views". Employees of Iridiummobile are professionals in their field.


I think that you want to smash the working areas between the screens (separately scripts, separately design). This is not possible for simultaneous work.

Someone else answered me - I may move all panels except screen layout pane. Screen layout pane always located withing Studio main window.

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