Reload button value/status when drive cameback online

Tanapol E. 7 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 6 years ago 5

I have Button that have relations with Device Tag(IR Server)

Its show correct status when device is online

but when device is offline and came back online
i3 pro will not reload latest status from Device and update GUI automatically? 

How I can force re-read all tag that have relations with GUI object when IR.EVENT_ONLINE is called?

Waiting for user's reply


When the server is disconnected, the "OffLine" event is triggered on the control panel. After that, the control panel will periodically send connection requests. Therefore, after the server is turned on, you need to wait a while and the panel will reconnect to the server.

When the panel connects to the server, it will also receive data from the channels on the server.

server is done everything ok as your reply

my project wont update status because of other problem

I already sent project file to tickets system(privately)   

since it contain some internal and external ip addresss



Then I'll close this ticketWe continue to communicate in a private ticket.

Hello, i have same issue. Do you  resolve this issue ?


Could you describe your problem in more detail?