Scene Control feedback from DLP

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Greetings all, 

I have programmed a DLP panel with HDL buspro app for activating some Scene. 

when i am running the scene (lets say morning ) from the DLP i can not see any feedback on the App. however, if i control each channel individually or broadcast them i can see the changes and feedback in the App. 

any suggestion how to fix it?



It works when i add "Status onStart" for one of the devices and set the timer true. but it brings delay to the system. is there any way to do it without the delay? like how it reacts fast when you turn a channel on?!


So far, i3pro can work with the panel using only timer polls. We are now testing another mechanism in our i3lite product and if this is effective, then we will transfer these changes to the i3pro. We plan that this will be available in September.

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