Changing project in I3pro

Maurits Roos 7 years ago in General updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 6 years ago 6

Is there a way of changing project in I3pro with a script call the same way we did it in iRidium 2 with the multi design feature 

I want to use a button on the screen as I am upgrading a site from iRidium 2 to i3pro and want  the operation to be  the same rather than have to  bring up the menu to change projects.

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To switch between projects, you can use the IR.DesignSwitch method. But at the moment this method normally works only for projects downloaded through the Transfer. Because projects downloaded through the cloud do not have a permanent name. But we will try to fix it in future versions.

Thanks Dmitry


I am running project on windows touch screen is there a way to bring up the menu with a button on the screen the same as F7 on key board





We fixed the IR.DesignSwitch method. You can try this on beta version 1.2.0

The property of the method IR.GetDesignByIndex().OriginalName enables receipt of the original project name when downloading it from the cloud



The change was included in version 1.2.0

Here is an example of a project that you can use to verify this NEW_DesignSwitch.irpz

hi Dmitry

the example of a project success for download in the list item but how to show if i click one of project in list item?


Sorry but i do not quite understand you. Please describe in more detail what do you want