[JS] How to check if system menu or project menu are open?

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On a script, can i check if system menu or project menu are open?

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No, you can't.

Describe, why do you need this functionality?

I have create an script for reduce luminosity on panel after x minute of inactivity, i need check if menu are open so i disable or reset the countdown. Otherwise i need a token for "activity".

I can think that i need to create an addlistner for each items/popups/pages on my project.


Why should the end user open the side menu? You do not need to consider this option ....

Some of our customers have more that one panel project so sometimes the script reduce luminosity when they open side menu for change project.

if i not remember wrong, On i2 i can use IR.CurrentPage to check if system menu is open or not.

otherwise, can i have an token for "activity"?

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