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Dear all,

I am using Raspberry pi as sip server by installing freepbx.

And using bOS phone as Sip client,

I want to integrate my 2n helios IP intercom.

For that I have created separate extension number for intercom in sip server,and i tried calling that from my bos app,it happened.

but when my trying to call from intercom,but through intercom i cant make any call

Please guide me

Какая у Вас структура на объекте? Если есть Logic Machine, то это можно реализовать на этом контроллере. Как вариант можно рассмотреть Kamailio для этих целей, но как он конфигурируется не подскажу. Есть решение у Embedded System LM http://openrb.com/sip-server-on-logicmachine/

Дополнительных настроек этого сервера выполнять не нужно. Просто прописываете в клиенте нужный номер и ip адрес сервера и все.

 I am using raspberry pi as my freepbx sip server.

bOS phone app as my sip client.

I have integrated 2N helios IP solo intercom with bOS phone app.
for that i have created separate extension number for intercom in server.

Now i can make call from my bOS phone app to intercom.
From intercom to bos phone also i can make call.

but i wouldnt get video.

In bos app,for video we need give camera type and URL for which device we going to call,then only
video get establish.

Under camera type,there are 3 forms of video type,RTSP,MJPEG,JPEG.
if i have select RTSP,the url starts with rtsp:\\ as default.
if i have select MJPEG or JPEG,the url starts with http:\\ as default.

But in 2n intercom while selecting any video format URL starts with rtsp oly.

In this condition how can i use 2n intercom camera type and URL in my bos phone app.

I tried by selecting rtsp and checked but no luck.

and also I have talked with  2n intercom people,they told me to check payload number in server. please help me to find payload option in freepbx sip server.

vanathi M S

При работе с домофонами 2N мы используем для отображения видео режим подключения камеры.

При этом мы указываем следующие параметры отображения:
используем режим получения snapshot для более быстрого отображения.
Настройки домофона - Service->HTTP API->Camera API

Thank you so much.

I have done wifi setup of raspberry pi in my router.
In command window i put iwconfig,i can see my network.
But i am doing ip scan in my laptop,it doesn't show my raspberry pi.
My laptop also is in same network
please assist

Vanathi M S