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Kenny Stoepel 7 years ago in General updated 7 years ago 10

Dear, I would like to know when the generic import will be included? I've noticed the import buttons are back in the release. Could you please inform us about how this function will work so we can start work on our side for generating the import-file. The process of manually creating x tags a week is a very timeconsuming work. this has also been asked by Theo. 

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sorry, but I do not quite understand what you mean by generic import?

What data would you like to upload? For which drivers?

in the drivers section there's an option "Scan -> External Import -> Import from TCP/ File/ Http". How does this function work? the purpose for us is to generate an xml from our systemfiles and then import this file in iridium hereby elimenating the need to manually create drivers and commands/feedbacks for Helvar. Is this allready functional? Would you be so kind to share a little insight in how this will be structured?

If I understand you correctly, you want to create some table file, in which each line is a command / feedback, and in columns are contained Name/CommandName/Group/CL etc. for Helvar Driver

Is it correct?

That's correct.

I suppose that's what's this function is for?


We gradually add the import (as you described) for different drivers. This function is not yet documented and has very low priority. While I can not name the exact time of its appearance for the helvar driver (maybe several months).

Let me rephrase that question.

In i3 Studio there is an option to import "SmartFlat XML Files":

Please give us the format/schema of these files, we will make a tool ourselves to generate an XML file that matches so we can run a bulk import.

At this time we do not need Helvar import support built-in in iRidium, we'll transform our "Helvar export" to something that is already supported by iRidium.

I'm sorry to hear this has very low priority. In this day and age manual copy/paste work is no longer done or for the least should be kept to a bare minimum. Please keep me update on progress on this. Kind regards and thanks for the quick responses

Any progress on this?

Hi, it will be available in the next version (in January). You can read about format here http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Helvar/en#Import_of_Helvar_driver_to_iRidium

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate the effort for making this happen.

I do have a small question.

Do you allow for multiple drivers in 1 csv file or does it need to be 1 driver --> 1 csv?