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Remove Server Tag with DEL

Wouter van der Post 6 лет назад в Приложения / Studio (Server editor) обновлен anonymous 6 лет назад 2

Can you link the DELETE key to this action in the Drivers pane? It makes sense that you can remove feedbacks/commands with the DEL key, so why not also Driver Tokens?

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Hello, driver tokens are part of the driver system. What is the reason to remove it?

The feature shown in the screenshot already exists, it is to exclude tags (that we don't use) from the total amount of Server Tags. We have a project with 22 routers that has 154 "driver token" tags in use before adding any feedbacks, so we had to remove these Driver Tokens to be able to use a basic license (with 250 tags).

It's just that pressing the DEL key when I select one or more Driver Tokens does not do anything, in my opinion it would make sense to execute this "remove server tag" action when pressing DEL.

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