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What is the best way to connect a button on multiple panels with a iridium server? i'm using trigger buttons and when i change the button on 1 panel i want that the rest of the panels also make that change. I used to do it with feedback from my helvar routers but now i have some buttons that need to change without sending data to/recieving data from the helvar routers. 

First I thought to use virtual feedbacks from my server. I write the value to the feedback when i press on the button and on the panel i changed te value is see that the value have changed. But when I i look on a other tablet and on my web interface is still see the old value. 

Am i doing something wrong or do i need to do it an other way?

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You are right, you need to use virtual channels and virtual feedbacks. Check in the web interface of the server whether the virtual feedback has changed after you have clicked the trigger on the panel. If not changed, then the command from the panel is not gone. Make sure that you add the script to be sent from the virtual channel to the virtual feedback and that you add the script to the "Script Modifier". If the value in the web interface of the server has changed, make sure that other panels are connected to the server and the server's feedback is bound to the trigger. The panel project must be synchronized with the server project.

tanks for the reply. But I ave not yet figured out how to send the value from the virtual channel to the virtual tag. How do i connect them to eachother. Is there a wiki page about that?

think i found it. Is this the script i need to use?

function virtual_to_virtual (in_Type, in_Name, in_Value) 
   var namepart = in_Name.split(".");  
   IR.SetVariable("Server.Tags." + in_Name, in_Value);
   return in_Value;

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