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OK, I can hide a specific popup, or a group, or ALL. But what I really want is to close THIS popup. did I miss how to do this?

suggestion: add macro for "hide current popup"

suggestion: when cloning a popup, any item in that popup that will hide the popup, should be updated to the hide the new cloned popup. currently it will try to hide the cloner page not the cloned page. using "hide group" is OK sometimes, but not ideal.

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For the moment it is not possible to receive the parrent page of pressed item, so we cannot provide this option fast. I'll transfwer your requeat to ideas for iRIdium V3, thank you!

I want to say that this is a wrong statement. Can access the parent property.
For example, there is a button
var btn = IR.GetPopup (0). GetItem ('Item 1');
We can get the name of the Popup page by where is the button

var currentPopupName = btn.Parent.Name; // Popup 1

Thank you Dmitry, but it can be used only if you call the item by name (or listen for this item).

But it has no sence if you don't know the name of pressed item that called JS function "HIDE THIS".

You juat cannot know the parent item of item that called the function.

So we cannot help Andrew with script.

Ofcource I know about patern property of item that you got like an object, but it will not help to solve this case if you know what I mean

I saw your post and wanted to stretch my mind before going to bed :)

I had a small operating time and I tried to solve your problem by using a script. In this example, do not use methods of showing / hiding the popup pages standard methods iRidium.

The essence of the script is that it automatically scans all the buttons in the project and selects those, whose name in the General Properties marked with "*".

Then even trickier. Name the buttons as follows:
<popup name> * <action> (eg "Popup 1 * Show")

And then the script will understand that it is necessary to show popup called "Popup 1"

If you want to close the popup on which the button, just after Item Name specify * Hide (such as a button with the name "Item 3" is on the "Popup 3" so close "Popup 3")

The project with the example attached below.

Close Current Popup.irpz

yes it could be used as a temporary solution but it is not faster that use macro HidePopup(name) in my opinion.

I think it sould be done

a) as function in Macro editor + JS method IR.HideParrentPopup(), or something like that

b) when you call JS function from the item with ScriptCall, it should be possible to take some information like a parent object that called this function. For me it would be great to Call the function with parameters also, but it should be dicussed in details


the motivation for this is to make cloning of popups faster. currently if you clone a popup, you then need to edit the buttons that close the popup, as it still refers to the source popup page.

indeed it would be good to have a macro for "close the popup that this item is on", and a JS method for the same.

surely the quickest solution would be to have the editor parse any items, and update ALL references to the source pages and replace with the destination (cloned) page. this happens for some functions, but not all.

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Any news about this request?

It's more then 8 months ago...



"Voting" does not mean - planned or under development. Seven votes - it's too little to allocate resources for this


i understand ;-)

But this is not a function that will cost 2 weeks for programmers ;-)



OK, but who said that the developers have at least one extra day? )))


Well, there are 2 days available: Saturday and Sunday.

So, they can choose which day they prefer ;-)


Any updates of developing this one?



We have no plans to develop this now

So again votes and no action after 1,5 years... right... sounds good *NOT*

Please listen to integrators that work with your product for longer time... for us and other installers makes programming A LOT faster!


This functionality can be implemented in a script. For 2 (two!) years, only 10 people decided that it would be useful. I honestly told you that we do not have this in our plans. I do not understand why you are so hostile. There are functions that we implement very quickly on the first request, but there are confusing functions that nobody needs, but you can ask about them every time. I'm sorry if we offend you.


I still can't believe that you guys use the voting system on this forum as a representation/"measurement" of what functionality is actually needed. I myself have no time to read all the topics that are created (and then part of them are in Russian so won't/can't read those), and I expect that my colleague integrators also have limited time.

It's a good thing this forum exists, but please forget about the voting system. 

Suggestion: Collect all development wishes that are being posted, create a panel of lets say 10 integrators that use iRidium extensively and are a good representation of your users. Send out an email once a month (or once every 2 months) with a summary of these new wishes and have them vote on it.


Thank you, this is a good proposal for voting. We do not send the list, but we are moving in the development of the product precisely by feedback from the best integrators. But what about small ideas (like this one)? Such ideas are about 200 pieces and no integrator will study them all ... Do not publish ideas on the forum? But sometimes trifles determine usability. What do you think?

This is usefull for installers who don't use script.

Indeed for 2 years... that's the problem.. in 2 years it should just be implemented but if you don't see the use of it fine. I just think these kind of things are going to make integrators go away.

This is not the first point where this happends but it's again and again.

That's why i'm not happy.

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