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Network shares

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 лет назад в Приложения / Studio (Server editor) обновлен Dmitry - support (expert) 8 лет назад 7


It's not possible in iRidium Studio to open projects from a share (for example, a share on a Synology NAS).

Please fix



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Hello Theo,

Sorry for delay.

Please, give us more info:

- Your OS

- Type of your user account (standard user, administrator user, Built-in "Administrator")

- How is the NAS connected to your PC? (please, screen your "Computer" folder)

- When you use GUI Editor 2.2.3 on this PC, you can open project from a share?

Hi Oksana,

OS = Windows 10 - 64 bit

User account is user on Domain, member of "Administrators" and "Administrator Group"

See attachment for connection of NAS to PC

in 2.2.3 i don't see the shares, so i can't open files from it :-( (see attachment)

The same situation in Studio. And this is very unconvinient....



Thank you, Theo.

We will research it.

Can you try to start Studio with Administrator rules? Can you see your NAS?

We expect, that this situation relate with UAC rights.

By default, Studio is started without admin rights and you can see share folder, if they are shared for standard users. May be you remember a task for this in v2.2. And, may be, if you shared NAS for admin user, Studio without right can't see them (because it hasn't
sufficient rights).

Hello, Theo!

What method you get access to the files on the NAS: via FTP, WebDAV or NFS ?

Can you provide access to your NAS ?

Hi Dmitry,

It's a normal Synogloy NAS with NFS.

And if i run iRidium Studio with administrator-rights, i have the same problem: i can not see my shares.



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Sorry for delay. Unfortunately we have no such NAS. And if possible, could you provide us access to your NAS so we can test and see how it works with these NAS.

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