Gate functions in iRidium Server - device online request

Jackie Roos 8 years ago in General updated 8 years ago 2

I understand the functions of iRidium Gate are going to be in iRidium Server (yay)

Currently when we connect to iRidium Gate, the Driver Token online shows that we have successfully connected to Gate.

However there is no way I can see for the driver to find out if Gate is connected to the control device - even though Gate knows the device is offline:

Image 10875

Can we please have an added Driver Token if the Gate function is being used to show if the DEVICE is connected (in addition to the SERVER connected)



Hi Jackie
All the driver variables (as driver tokens, commands feedbacks) will be projected on server tags. So it will look like a direct connection with driver via the server variables. Not like the Gate do.

Fantastic thanks!