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Maybe I have just missed something, but I can´t get the panels to load a license so I can test i3 pro. Can you please provide an instruction for this or an explanation on how it should work so I know where to look? The clients display the message stating that no license is found or waiting for connection to iRidium server. Thanks in advance!

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Where you start the client? On computer or iPad/iPhone etc?

I have only tested the client on a computer, it´s a Surface Pro running Windows 10 .


To add a license to a emulator on the computer, you'll need to do the following:

1) Open the editor iRidium Studio

2) Open the settings of editor Tools --> Options

3) And specify the path to the license. Also uncheck the Demo mode.

Also make sure that the license is tied to your HWID computer.

I have to do this on that specific computer that runs the client?

Yes. On the computer where you run the client (i2control).

Great, I will have a look at it, thanks for all the help!! :)

Ok, I have added the license file that I got, to the studio on the computer where I run the client. But I stil get the message no license present or no connection to iridium server. Could it be the connection to the server that's incorrect? Can you please advice on how to add the correct settings for the server connection? Thanks in advance!

All sorted, it was the server that couldn´t connect to the KNX IP interface. I enabled debug logging on the server. After changing the NAT settings on the KNX driver in the server project it could connect and the message went away. Not sure if that is a correct message for that error though?

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