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Projects conversion, excel drivers table

Alessandro Munari 7 лет назад в Приложения / Studio (Server editor) обновлен Oksana (expert) 7 лет назад 1

Hi team, happy new year. A new year is coming and a new idea is coming too.

When I convert an old project into a new iridium panel project all the drivers will be lost, all the associations will be lost because if a put all the old driver in the server project the name will change. It would be a good idea if you create a simple tool to export old drivers (all togheter) into excel format from the previuos version and import the same file modified (users will made all the changes they need in excel, more easy) and then read the drivers from that excel table. This will be very useful when you have many drivers and associacions. Or if for you will be more esy done this directly in iridium, but I think is more difficult than using an excel table, like the one used to import modbus register already done. Sorry for my explanation but if you need more detailed info, fell free to ask. Best regards, and happy new year.

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Hello Alessandro,

Please, give us more info - real scenario (step-by-step), when you can use your new import from Excel file and how: what driver did you have? what associations did you lost? what will you change in Excel file?

Thank you!

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