Import of .knxproj-files is still not OK

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by miro suchanek 6 years ago 5


When importing .knxproj-files in iridium Studio, commands are visible in 'Feedback' tree and feedbacks are visible in 'Command' tree.

And example:
A command to switch on/off a light, is also visible in 'Feedbacks'.
A feedback to show the temperature from a Weather station is also visible in 'Commands'.

It takes much time to cleanup all these wrong imported items: installers have to delete manually all feedbacks that are visible in 'Commands', and remove all commands that visible in 'Feedbacks'.

We expected this was fixed after 4 years of experience with KNX...

Please fix.



Waiting for user's reply

Hello Theo,

In GUI Editor you can see the same situation =)

Do you mean this properties?

Hi Oksana,

Yes, in the GUI Editor the situation was the same (not correct).

That's the reason we want to get fixed it in Studio: only commands has to be showed in the Commandlist of the Device Tree, and only Feedbacks has to be showed in the Feedbacklist of the Device Tree.




We need a feedback, how many users want it asap.

It looks nobody is using KNX now, because the import-procedure is soo bad....

Why we have to vote for a feature, that's by default implemented in all other software from KNX-visualization companies??!?!?!?!?



Hi Oksana,

I agreed with Theo. It has to be a basic feature of KNX import. Now we have to import and manualy edit commands and feedbacks for more than 1500 datapoints :(

Also filtering or sorting by group addresses would be nice option.

Best Regards