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I use the server (for test) with a i2control client and with a KNX driver.
And with the server it's OK for the KNX driver (commands and feedback).

Thank you to answer these questions, I would like to move forward on the server test project (data base) with a panel control project (i2control).
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In the documentation it writes (see above): Virtual variables are available for editing from a control panel. You mean from a control panel in the Studio development tool ?
I understood that the Virtual-tags could be changed from a control panel (i2control). It is not the case ?

The Virtual-Tags variables is the database on the server ?

In I/O and Virtual-Tags:
This point is not clear and is not explained.

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What does the "Persist"?
In French is thought understand: a saved data. It is not in your document

To save a data in the database must select only the data type "Stored In DB" ?
Or also I have to put Persist = Yes

Is it possible to transfer variables from the database (Virtual-Tags) to a client application i2control ?
Is it possible to transfer data from a client application i2control to the database (Virtual-Tags) server ?
And if yes, how do I transfer the data ?

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