Installation of Iridium Server

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Thank you, I now have access to links to iRidium Server.
But I'm stuck on the server installation iridium (I sent you a message yesterday afternoon, see below).

After installation there is no directory server in iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0 folder. !!!!

Image 9610

Image 9609
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Under review
when you install iRidium, are all the checkboxes in the selection of components?

I launched this executable "iridium_beta_setup_3.0.0.196.exe" on windows 7 PC
The folder with components locate in C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Local\iRidium3 beta v3.0.0

You want the directory contents?
I inserted the compressed file "iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0.rar" but we do not know if it is inserted.

You have received the compressed file ("iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0.rar") ?
No. I mean that this way where is the program with all components installed.

C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Local\iRidium3 beta v3.0.0

So look for the folder with the server right there.

But you sent me a screenshot from the "Documents" folder.

There is no in C: directory "iRidium3 beta v3.0.0"

Apparently the installer has installed only the files that you see on the screenshot in the "iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0"
When looking at the installed programs, there is no iridium 3, see below.


If you want you can do with team viewer.
I will remove the program, I will delete the directory because for windows it is not installed. And I will launch again the program "iridium_beta_setup_3.0.0.196.exe"
I gave you the link to the folder in which you installed the iridium!

C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Local\iRidium3 beta v3.0.0

instead of "Your user name" you must enter a user name in your system. The AppData folder is usually hidden in the system, so you need in the settings of folders to specify to show hidden folders.

Ok iridium 3 is installed in this directory.
What to do next?

I do not understand, in the installation procedure you say at the point number 4 that :
"the folder that contains configuring Server files are located here Documents\iRidium mobile 3\Settings\iRidium Server"
there is
no this directory !

At point 6 of the Installation and Setup of Development Tools you say:

6. When installation is complete, you'll have a folder that contains configuration files for iRidium mobile. Here is a way to it (Documents\iRidium mobile 3\Settings). The foler contains:
- iRidium folder: contains an unpacked project, irconfig.xml and other settings files.
- Studio folder has the following architecture:
  • Database.
  • Gallery - folder for your gallery.
  • Sound - folder with sounds used in the editor.
  • Log - logs sorted by date.
The folder containing all configuration files is the the following destination folder: Documents\iRidium mobile 3\Settings\iRidium Server. The folder subcategories store the following files:
-Database - database of your server.
-Documents - unpacked project, irconfig.xml and other settings files.
-Logs - logs sorted by date.

After the installation on my PC:

In the iRidium directory there is only the Main.irpz file, there is no file irconfig.xml and other settings files

The studio directory has no directory structure announced. There is only directories: Gallery and Sounds and no Log and Database directories.

There is no folder "iRidium Server" in Documents\iRidium mobile 3\Settings\iRidium Server. For me the path is C:\Users\Patrick\Documents\iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0\Settings

Database directory is in C:\Users\Patrick\AppData\Local\iRidium3 beta v3.0.0\Studio\Database
and no in C:\Users\Patrick\Documents\iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0\Settings\Studio

Dear Patrick,

All these folder and the files appear after running the appropriate app. If you start the editor, then in folder Studio appears the respective folders. If you start the server appears folder "Server" etc.

At this case, unfortunately an error: "- iRidium folder: contains an unpacked project, irconfig.xml and other settings files." These files are in the folder "Client", which will also appear if you run the client at least once.

You should review the installation process, because it is not clear. You should already naming the installation program by its correct name, which is not the case.
In the procedure in points 5 and 6 numbers, you say after installation (and no after running the appropriate app) and you list the folders and files that have must find, which is not the case.
I guess when you talk about launch the client, you mean to launch "iRidium.exe" in the C: \ Users \ Patrick \ AppData \ Local \ iRidium3 v3.0.0 beta \ iRidium
I can have the procedure or accurate links after installing iRidium 3 to continue.

Thank you

Following How to Make a Server Project in iRidium Studio

I created a server project, with the iridium 3 structure, where should you normally save it?
Where we want you advise or as in iridium 2 in a Apps folder ?

With the client application is safeguarded projects in the Apps folder (C:\Users\Patrick\Documents\iRidium mobile 2\Apps)

You can save your project anywhere.