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Is the server available and at what price?
Or is it possible to have an availability date?

On a draft standard for residential, there may be:
- No management, use of one or more client applications (i2control) only to manually control the functions and view reports
- Management of watering, management of heating zones with a weekly programming by zone, the master CPU (running 24/24h and 365/365 d). I have a solution with Industrial Panel PC.

But Knx is too expensive
In France, home automation for residential KNX does not start. Except of wealthy customer or for large buildings. So the cost of the Panel PC + cost i2control (which is expensive to site license) is not accepted by the customer.


Under review
Hello. Patrick.

The server is currently in beta testing. If you want to participate. So write in this thread


What are the requirements to participate?
What will be the price?
If the sale cost is not defined, can we have an idea (minimum and maximum price possible)?

Hi. Patrick

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qqNIJaLtCUL1bm5EXx4mSUVSh11MhQ_McD4vYE8ft3w/viewform -Fill out this form and you will be able to participate in the Beta Testing

Hi Nikita,

Whats the iRidium Onbox? Whats the price?


Hello Nikita,

What are the requirements to participate?
Whats the iRidium Onbox?
Whats the price?


Roger, Patrick Hello

All information can be found on this link . Also, there is a link to download the presentation of Iridium server

Hello Nikita,

Is it possible to test the beta-server on windows 7 on my PC (to see the interface and the possibilities with the first version).
I downloaded the "iridium_beta_setup_3.0.0.196.exe".
I can
install it on my PC and keep the application iRidium Gui Editor and I2control Version 2.2 ?



Yes of course. Installation folder have different architecture

I do not have the permissions.
To see how to install iRidium Server for Windows read here.

I made a request in late morning

Your email is in the list. Please try to log off and log on again
After installation there is no directory server in iRidium mobile 3 beta 3.0.0 folder. !!!!


when you install iRidium, are all the checkboxes in the selection of components?

I launched this executable "iridium_beta_setup_3.0.0.196.exe" on windows 7 PC
The folder with components locate in C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Local\iRidium3 beta v3.0.0
Where should the server projects be backed (recording) ?
The server project you can save anywhere. In order to upload it to the server you need to use "Transfer".

Start the "Server" - > Open "Transfer" - > Click in "Transfer" on "Search Panel".
After this in the list of found panels will appear the name of your computer and in parenthesis will be indicated "Server". For example: YourPC(Server). Now you can upload the project to your server.
How to use the "Transfer" read on our site.
Thank you,

I realized the transfer of the project (which is empty for now) on the server yesterday afternoon.
Now I'm stuck for testing the server (with scripts), I expect a trial license.
I asked yesterday a license to test the server with a panel project. I synchronised the KNX group addresses Project panel with the server.

Best regard