Auto-update iRidium Studio / Server / Windows i3 Pro ????

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 6


i think it's good to have an auto-updating feature in iRidium Studio / Server / Windows i3 Pro.

This is absolutely a 'must' when 3.0 will be released; we can not ask installers to manually update all software!!

Please implement auto-updating in the next beta-build, so we can test this functionallity before it will be released.



Hi Theo,

Could you specify what you mean by auto-updating? Do you mean automatic updates of the iRidium software or the project itself?

If you mean the software should update without any interaction of the installer i strongly disagree! I want to be in control and choose when/how to update.

If you mean it should be possible to push updates remotely I think that is a very good feature indeed. (if done securely)

Hi Rens,

i mean (first of all) the iRidium Studio software (the GUI Editor / Transfer). It's not good / professional to download and (re-) install the complete software package when an update is available. In the 'old' GUI Editor there where 2 options, to update the beta-versions and/or to update the 'production-versions'. When an update was available, the installer got a warning: "An update is available for your GUI Editor. Do you want to update?". In this case, the installer can control when the update is installed.

The same situation for the Windows i3 Pro clients. It's not professional to manually update xxx panels with the Windows version, if an update if available. It's better to have an 'auto-update' function; with this function the installer can decide to update the Windows client (or not).

About projects: if i'm right, this will be an option in the Cloud in 3.0 (to push an update of the project to panels).

@iRidium: can you confirm this?



Thanks for the clarification Theo.

I completely agree with this so you have my vote!

Definitely necessary!


i don't know how long the day is in Russia, but here (in Europe) we have 24 hours in a day.

And we want to spend our time fruitfull, without doing things that are time-consuming or not very interesting to do.

One of the things we are doing now, is downloading EVERY new SETUP from the website, and install EVERY new SETUP manually.

And this has to be done, while EVERY software manufacturer has auto-updating functions for the newest release.

It's really unbelievable, this is still NOT fixed in iRidium Studio and all other components.

It's 2016 !!!!

Why no other users VOTE for this 'feature' (it's also unbelievable we have to VOTE for this function, it was working (after 3 years of waiting) in GUI Editor....)

So, programmers HAVE the logics HOW to do it... WHY it's still not implemented????

Please VOTE for this............