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onboard screen keyboard windows 10 error

Erik van den Brink 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 8 years ago 6

When i want to show the onboard screen keyboard off windows 10 using the execute(osk) command, it will not show the keyboard and i get the next error:

Image 12848

the error says: Can't start the onboard screen keyboard.

however when i manually start the OSK and then minimize it, then it will pop-up with the execute(osk) command

Are you running the emulator as an Administrator? In Windows other programmes can only be started in by the Emulator if the Emulator is an administrator

To get to this, on any shortcut to the iRidium client (or the client itself), right mouse button, select Properties then Compatibility:

PS - best to change this setting for all users


Hello Jacky,

That was also the first thing that went trough my mind but it wasn't the solution.

Also tried it with disabled firewall and windows defender so nothing can stop the iridium execute, but still didn't worked.

I hope someone knows another solution for this problem.


Hi Erik

If you are running 64bit machine, you need to run 64bit iRidium.exe, not the x86(32bit) version, then OSK will launch

Windows does not like cross-version launching

To do this

  1. Send to emulator (seems to send the project to both versions)
  2. Close emulator (as this is the x86 version)
  3. run iRidium Client64

I have no idea how to make iRidium Client64 the default on a 64bit pc. A question for iRidium :)




Yes, Jackie is right!

In order to run iridium x64 by default, you need to rename the files.

For example I renamed so

iRidium.exe -> iRidium_32.exe


iRidium64.exe - > iRidium.exe

So now I run 64 bit version of Iridium by default.