Creating server projects from panel project puts all client drivers into one huge driver

Jackie Roos 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated 8 years ago 2

Why does creating a server project from an existing client project put all client driver commands and feedbacks into one huge server driver in the panel project????

This is completely unwieldy and unusable.

The drivers are separated out in the server and they need to be left separated out in the client.

Eg in one project I have 387 tags from 6 different drivers all in the one huge driver

The commands are similar numbers.

Why do this? The server should be able to mange 6 client driver connections

Please change the iRidium Server driver so there can be a connection to the specific driver in the server

Then please change it so that creating a server project keeps the client drivers as separate does not make one mega driver, thanks

What I was trying to say:

Please change iRidium Server driver so it accepts multiple connections via different ports, just like iRidium Gate used to. Then we do not need mega drivers!



When is this going to be looked at?

Eg, a server project with 3 x AV receivers, lighting, global cache, a fire, and alarm system, blinds....

With so many this becomes almost unusable in the client, as all the commands / feedbacks are thrown into one huge iRidum server driver, making it very difficult to find anything.

Please at the very least, organise the commands / feedback for each drivers into FOLDERS under the iRidium Server driver.