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As i understand all my clients projects should be uploaded to the i3 cloud in separate folders,

When i swipe right i can download any project from the cloud,

It is not acceptable that my client will see all the folders with names and projects,

How can we sort thus issue ?

thank you

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No, only you can see your projects. The client sees only those projects for which you invited him. http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Licensing/en#Purchase_and_Activation

So for now i think that i will open a Gmail account for each project,

Because the clients are not always in the house and they cant give us there Email passwords.

we should think of a better solution ...

Perhaps you don't understand how it works. Let me explain to you.

You are the integrator and you a registered on our website. In your account you create an object, in which loads the required number of projects and license.

After that, you invite users to certain projects in this object. For invitations you use email addresses of this users. For example:

After the invitation, they receive an e-mail with further instructions. Thus, users do not see all your projects. User see only the project for which you have invited this user.


I understand completely, But as a integrator that working on projects i can tell you that most of the time the customer is not at home or want us to give him a finished product loaded on his tablet, if you don't want to use his email address you have to create a new one for registration


Agree Ofer; you decribed the real situation! End-users (high-end customers) don't want to do difficult email-accounts, passwords, etc. They want a plug-and-play solution (turn-key). And installers and system-integrators has to give them this solution.

You are absolutely right!


Totally agree with the others.. The first big project i just finished to end-user, think that was diffucult with all mail and registartions.. for the next projects i have plans to make a mail like this: projectname@mydomain.com and make every thing ready , then they only got a username and password after thiers clients is setup.

Totally agree, after the change to i3 cloud, we are creating for each client an email account and login for the i3 app.

We are asked on every project to generate a complete solution without any complication.

Is there any news how this could maybe change in the nearby future? In our company this is an actual problem too.

I do not understand what the problem is.

If the project is stored in the cloud, how your customer can get him another method without login?

We do not want to give the customer the login. protection your intellectual property. we do the installation and the customer is simply a "user". they have no clue to how everything is working. an end user company is not happy to give us ( the installers) access to there email-servers to recieve 1 mail. if you use a client-employee's email adress and that person leaves the company what happens then? and they do not want to set up a special mailbox that has to be monitored(?) If they later want an update, we are happy to visit them again.

Situation Now: Upload Project -> invite user ("somewhere@ABC.com") => installer(XYZ) has no control.

as a intermediate solution would it be possible to do the following.

Upload project -> invite user("IridiumMobile.ABC@XYZ.com") BUT send actual invite to "IridiumMobile@XYZ.com"

the login "IridiumMobile.ABC@XYZ.com" would then be used for the app. this way the installer could monitor the box himself.

I hope you understand better now


I'm sorry, but still don't where you have intellectual property risks. Everething in your hands. User account doesnt have access to download project.

Why this scheme doesnt work?

Developer: Give me Customer email

Installer: Ok. It is Customer@email.com
Developer: I have uploaded your project to Cloud. For access use login: Customer@email.com, password: 123789

Installer: Ok. Customer, your login is your email, password 123789. Enjoy

Customer: Thanks

Good idea: "... to make a mail like this: projectname@mydomain.com and make every thing ready , then they only got a username and password after thiers clients is setup..."
If person leaves the company you could change password

I just had a call with Theo and he explained some things to me. This is indeed clearer now. I was just a misunderstanding from my part. sorry for the inconvenience.