Studio Editor - managing Server projects

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 jaar geleden in Applications / Studio (Server editor) 0


Managing Server projects in Studio is a disaster at this moment.

In the Drivers-tree, we want:

- Option with RMB on command: clone command

- Search option in drivers-tree

- F2 = rename of command

- When cloning a command, this command is added at the end of the Commands. please insert the cloned command after the command that is cloned, and not at the end of the list with Commands

- Drag & drop 'outside' the visible tree with Commands is NOT possible. This is very oldfashioned and not comfortable for installers --> please make it possible to drag & drop outside the visible list

- Possibility to sort the list with Commands and feedbacks

- is it possible to add Folders in the Driver-tree?

In short: we want all current options in the Driver-tree, just like now in Project Device panel + the things we mentioned above.