protocol_to_protocol gateway scripts

Nikolay Rusanov 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

Server can do data modification. Here is information about it. It can be used as simple gateway from one protocol to another. But every protocol and datatype require small changes, like scaling, name structure etc, so we need to do each script different way.

I suggest to have this topic as the place to store modules of protocols interconnection. As first comment I will post one module I have just tested. If you play with it and test other modules please send here, so everyone can use it.

What it is:

Modbus TCP to HDL Buspro relay gateway iRidium server script:


What is does:

Connects all Modbus feedback (0/1) to HDL relay channels (0/100).

Name structure example:

Relay 1_Channel 5 sends values HDL Buspro Relay 1:Channel 5 etc.

Name all Modbus channels same way to get all of them in HDL without change to the script. I tested in with Modbus simulator

PS. Please send here all universal gateway scripts you tested

My mistake! This is Any Protocol (0/1 values) to HDL Buspro relay (0/100) gateway . Not only Modbus to Buspro, you can use it as KNX/C-Bus/etc. to Buspro