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iRidium Server 1.0.5 - Channel not work

Francesco Zangara 8 years ago in General updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 8 years ago 5

With new version 1.0.5, channel not work.

1. Create a new server project (or use an old file)

2. Add an Virtual Channel

3. Create a panel project from server project

4. Connect virtual channel to an item (es. an Trigger button)

5. Save all and run both project.

If you click on button, the virtual channel change only on panel side.

Log on server side show "Change channel 9" o "Change channel 13" message, but on web-page variable not change.

Virtual Tags work.

Not a bug


The value of Channels should not be displayed in the web interface of the server, because it no where is stored. I.e. you send a command and it immediately redirected to the destination. Unlike feedback, which store values until they are changed. Channels in the web interface only need to manage them from the web interface

Hi Dimitry.

But i have this code on a script and it not trigger when i send a value from panel.

function ServerChannel(ChannelName){
   IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function (name, value)
IR.Log(name + " = " + value);

IR.SubscribeTagChange(ChannelName); } var Channel = new ServerChannel("Server.Channels.Irrigation_Command");

Where i wrong?

I checked your script and it works fine

Make sure that you correctly wrote the name of the channel.

Thank you Dmitry.

I find the problem on: iRidium Studio installation, and on my project.

I uninstall your program and delete all directory, reinstall Studio and server, and re-do my test project (copy/paste script). Now work.

But i not undestand the cause of problem...

If this is repeated, please email us.