Please specify the build-number in "Download"

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 years ago in General updated 8 years ago 2


Until the automatic update of all software is still not working (we are still waiting for the fix of this bug), we want an option that show to us the 'buildnumber' of the software-releases.

Because now, it's completely not clear what build-number is published in 'downloads'.

Image 13629

What's happening?!??!!?!?!!?

See this screenshot....

1) English and Russian text is mixed

2) the notation of the dates is very confusing: 08/07/2016 is 7th July (we think). But then: 05/07/2016 and 07/05/2016 are mixed... Please use uniform notations

And one (English) language

And please, mention the build-dates also for UMC, OnBox, Raspberry Pi versions...