See if there is command / feedback assigned to a item

oggi katic 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated 8 years ago 2

hi there..

In version 2 (GUI Editor) that was possible to see how many commands / feedback that is assigned to each item:

Image 13890

What is idea to remove this in Studio?

Image 13891

Example: in this pic you Cant see if you miss some commands and can not see if something is wrong..

Please add this thing back in next version..


Yes, you're right: Who asked to remove this in Studio????!??!?

After searching and searching on this Forum, i could not find any vote/idea to remove this feature.

So, please, bring it back in Studio.




Is this feature forgot ?? is there a other way to see if there is a command / feedback assigned to a button.. its waste of time to check all buttons to be sure..!