Check SSID and change host

Matheus Botura Pimenta 8 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by office_iridiummobile ru (manager) 2 years ago 3

The following script works fine with Windows, but when I send it to Android the application doesn´t even opens.

IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function(name, value)


if (IR.GetVariable("System.Net.SSID") == "My wifi") IR.GetDevice("iRidium Server").SetParameters({Host: ""})

else IR.GetDevice("iRidium Server").SetParameters({Host: "myserver.com"})


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Yes we are aware of the problem associated with the token to get the name of the network


And we have corrected it, the changes will be included in the next release.

Was there a fix for this already? I am getting <unknown ssid> when run on android

Yes. This was done a long time ago.

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