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Android serial conrtol *ProDVX Side light bars

Kristjan Kotkas 10 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 10 months ago 3


What's the procedure for /dev/ttyS1 access with i3 client on android. I would write a driver for the proDVX 10" for led control but I cant figure out how to communicate with the device's /dev/ttyS1

How to tell i3 to use android device physical serial interface, how to log it.

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Which Android device do you want to use when working with Serial? What does the Serial port look like? USB?

Connect the hardware you want to control via Serial to your Android device and check in the console whether the Android device sees, can send commands, and receives feedback. Transport in Serial for Android is supported in i3 pro, but first check whether Android can work through the Serial port in a third-party application.

As noted before - this is ProDVX android tablet that has built in serial for controlling side led bars. Hence the serial port looks like /dev/ttyS1 on the device. The device port is accessible for the demo app that comes with the tablet and the example code in java connects directly to /dev/ttyS1. Hence the question - if I want to connect to serial interface that is physically located on the device as /dev/ttyS1 how do I do it.


You need to make sure that the port is not occupied by another application. From i3 pro, you can access the port via a custom driver.

You can create a driver either in the editor or in a script.From the script, send commands using the Send method. To obtain the data either through EVENT_RECEIVE_DATA or EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT.