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Sonos not working with latest Sonos Firmware

Jackie Roos 3 years ago in Bugs and problems updated by Alena Koroteeva 1 week ago 133


we have updated our Sonos to firmware 7.2

and the iRidium Sonos module has stopped working:

Can you please fix



Hi, Matthijs
Please, check your version of i3pro app (above 1.1.5) and version of project code


Драйвер SNMP

Viacheslav Alekseev 6 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 3 months ago 9


Подскажите, нет ли каких-то ограничений в драйвере SNMP в зависимости от платформы?

Пытаемся управлять и читать состояние устройства (реле LPowerNode) .

Из эмулятора под windows все работает корректно. Но этот же проект, залитый на планшет с Android, не работает. Проверили - от него не идёт никаких UDP пакетов на 161 порт. Другие UDP пакеты (через Custom драйвер) от него нормально доходят. То есть сеть вряд ли что-то блочит.

В дебаг логе никаких ошибок. (Кстати, лог же тоже идёт по UDP,  что подтверждает, что проблема не в сети).


Server crashing after integrated with MySQL

Leandro Augusto 6 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 4 months ago 11


I´m using iRidium Server 32bits and ODBC Server 32bits. Server is connecting with MySQL perfectly.

But when I send a query to insert values on table, Server stop working. When I go to MySQL to look for the record I see almost 500 equals records (like a "loop"), but if you see on code below I only send a query one time on function writeDB(). 

var date = "now()";
var BaseMySQL = new ODBC("root", "123", "MySQLiridium");
var query_head = "INSERT INTO chamada_enfermagem(Posto, Leito, Tipo, Tempo, Data) VALUES(";

function writeDB(info_chamada) //gravar informações no DB
if (!BaseMySQL) //if no ODBC object
BaseMySQL = new ODBC("root", "123", "MySQLiridium"); // creating ODBC object
if (BaseMySQL)
IR.Log(BaseMySQL + " connected!");
var posto = info_chamada.split("_")[0];
var leito = info_chamada.split("_")[1];
var tipo = info_chamada.split("_")[2];
var tempo = info_chamada.split("_")[3];
var query = query_head + '"'+posto+'"' + "," + '"'+leito+'"' + "," + '"'+tipo+'"' + "," + '"'+"00"+'"' + "," + date + ");";
var response = BaseMySQL.Query(query); // SQL query to MySQL database

Will be answered

iRidium 2019 JS Script Call in button programming

Mike Slattery 6 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 6 months ago 7

When I try to add a JS Script Call for button Release or Move, I cannot get it to select a function call. 

Will be answered

Bar with 'light' stripe on iPhone X

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 1 year ago in Bugs and problems updated 10 months ago 7


On the iPhone X, there is in the bottom a 'white stripe' (bar).

This is for swiping to other apps that are running on the iPhone.

Our installer is asking: can we de-activate this 'white stripe' in iRidium i3 pro app? So, it's not more visible?



Under review

Get item from array.

Naeem 3 days ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 days ago 3

fixed_word array.irpz


I'm trying to make an edit box which only allows numbers and be able to easily make new edit boxes through an array.
Everything is working so far except for the Array, I've tried serveral things but with no succes.

Maybe one of you can help me.



Under review

iRidium server on Raspberry Pi - multiple VLAN control?

Iain Brew 1 month ago in Bugs and problems updated 1 month ago 2

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running iRidium Server. Current setup is:





I have a collection of DANTE devices which I would like to segregate on to VLAN 4. Two of these devices have a single physical ethernet port, but two virtual interfaces with two MAC addresses (Shure MXA910 DANTE microphone). I understand that I could 'tag' the interface of the Raspberry Pi for both VLAN 1 and VLAN 4, but iRidium Server can only send commands on the first interface it sees. 

The DANTE microphone is:



Gateway: none


Is there a clever way of allowing iRidium Server to control devices across more than one VLAN?

Under review

Проблема с GetDevice для панельной части после создания серверного проекта

project 2 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 1 month ago 1

Добрый день.

Для панельного проекта написан скрипт:

var d1int = 0;

var d1perm = 0;

//Реле 1 (главный вход)

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm"), function ()


d1perm = IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm").Value;



IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1"), function ()


if(IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1").Value == 0){IR.ClearInterval(d1int);}

if(IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm").Value == 0 && d1perm == 1){d1perm = 0;}

d1int = IR.SetTimeout(2000, function()


if(d1perm == 0){IR.GetDevice("KNX").Set("Rele1",0);}



Без серверное части скрипт работал. После создания серверной части и развёртки проекта в виде "панель+сервер" (сервер софтварный, установлен на ПК) строка if(d1perm == 0){IR.GetDevice("KNX").Set("Rele1",0);} стала выдавать ошибку Script exception: TypeError: .... RelayDelay.js:20: Tried to use null as an object.

IR.Log(IR.GetDevice("KNX")) выдаёт null. Команды по нажатию на кнопки (включение/выключение реле на актуаторе) выполняются: реле переключается. Проблема в скрипте или что-то не так настроено в серверной части? Просьба помочь с проблемой (файлы проекта - в приложении).

Project 2 (Panel).irpz
Project 2 (Server).sirpz

Under review

Make public

Andreas-P 2 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 months ago 1

Every time I’m opening the i3 lite app, make public (synchronization of project with server) pop up. 
Sometimes I need to do this 1-3times before it disappears. And when I use the app some hours later, the same problem comes again. 


iRidium Studio - multiscreen bug

Maciej Walentowski 7 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 7 months ago 6

In office I use external screen for my laptop. When use iRidium studio have on main screen, and pages overview, project device panel and device base on second monitor.

When Im out off office and doesn't have external monitor can't find that pages.