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Sonos not working with latest Sonos Firmware

Jackie Roos 3 years ago in Bugs and problems updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 1 month ago 136


we have updated our Sonos to firmware 7.2

and the iRidium Sonos module has stopped working:

Can you please fix



Hi, Matthijs
Please, check your version of i3pro app (above 1.1.5) and version of project code


Драйвер SNMP

Viacheslav Alekseev 9 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 7 months ago 9


Подскажите, нет ли каких-то ограничений в драйвере SNMP в зависимости от платформы?

Пытаемся управлять и читать состояние устройства (реле LPowerNode) .

Из эмулятора под windows все работает корректно. Но этот же проект, залитый на планшет с Android, не работает. Проверили - от него не идёт никаких UDP пакетов на 161 порт. Другие UDP пакеты (через Custom драйвер) от него нормально доходят. То есть сеть вряд ли что-то блочит.

В дебаг логе никаких ошибок. (Кстати, лог же тоже идёт по UDP,  что подтверждает, что проблема не в сети).


Server crashing after integrated with MySQL

Leandro Augusto 9 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 8 months ago 11


I´m using iRidium Server 32bits and ODBC Server 32bits. Server is connecting with MySQL perfectly.

But when I send a query to insert values on table, Server stop working. When I go to MySQL to look for the record I see almost 500 equals records (like a "loop"), but if you see on code below I only send a query one time on function writeDB(). 

var date = "now()";
var BaseMySQL = new ODBC("root", "123", "MySQLiridium");
var query_head = "INSERT INTO chamada_enfermagem(Posto, Leito, Tipo, Tempo, Data) VALUES(";

function writeDB(info_chamada) //gravar informações no DB
if (!BaseMySQL) //if no ODBC object
BaseMySQL = new ODBC("root", "123", "MySQLiridium"); // creating ODBC object
if (BaseMySQL)
IR.Log(BaseMySQL + " connected!");
var posto = info_chamada.split("_")[0];
var leito = info_chamada.split("_")[1];
var tipo = info_chamada.split("_")[2];
var tempo = info_chamada.split("_")[3];
var query = query_head + '"'+posto+'"' + "," + '"'+leito+'"' + "," + '"'+tipo+'"' + "," + '"'+"00"+'"' + "," + date + ");";
var response = BaseMySQL.Query(query); // SQL query to MySQL database

Will be answered

iRidium 2019 JS Script Call in button programming

Mike Slattery 9 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 9 months ago 7

When I try to add a JS Script Call for button Release or Move, I cannot get it to select a function call. 

Under review

JSON.Stringify drops values

Kris 1 month ago in Bugs and problems updated 1 month ago 3


I want to use JSON.Stringify for later data transmission to the panel.

My data is an object of nested arrays of objects. For problem description however, I will use simpler data as the result is the same:

var defs = ["One","Two"];

var testObj = {





var defs is a 'template' array with which I populate the object.

Then I Stringify it:

var TSTR = JSON.Stringify(testObj);

IR.Log("TSTR JSON String:");


Here is the problem - the output is:


{"Z1_1":[["One", "Two"], {}], "Z1_2":[{}, {}], "Z2_1":[{}, {}]}

Apparently JSON.Stringify drops out simmilar data in following arrays.

Accordingly, testing the same code in VS Code, the output is correct:



If I use different arrays declarations for each object property (i.e. defs1, defs2, defs3 etc.) the output will be correct. Unfortunately I cannot do that as the aim is to dynamically add more properties to testObj with the same template array,

Can you please advice on this - is there any workaround this? Is there something I am missing? Or is this a bug or limitation in iRidium?

I am looking forward to see the solution!


Under review

Is there a script command for turning on DISABLE AUTO LOCK option?

Luka 1 month ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 1 month ago 1

I know there is an option for this in the System menu but that option is not reliable. Because of that i would like to add a command in the script so that at every start this option would be turned on.

Under review

Script Modifier will not run if it got same value?

Tanapol E. 3 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 3 months ago 2

IR version 1.3.12

Under review

iRidium server on Raspberry Pi - multiple VLAN control?

Iain Brew 5 months ago in Bugs and problems updated 5 months ago 2

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running iRidium Server. Current setup is:





I have a collection of DANTE devices which I would like to segregate on to VLAN 4. Two of these devices have a single physical ethernet port, but two virtual interfaces with two MAC addresses (Shure MXA910 DANTE microphone). I understand that I could 'tag' the interface of the Raspberry Pi for both VLAN 1 and VLAN 4, but iRidium Server can only send commands on the first interface it sees. 

The DANTE microphone is:



Gateway: none


Is there a clever way of allowing iRidium Server to control devices across more than one VLAN?

Under review

Проблема с GetDevice для панельной части после создания серверного проекта

project 5 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 5 months ago 1

Добрый день.

Для панельного проекта написан скрипт:

var d1int = 0;

var d1perm = 0;

//Реле 1 (главный вход)

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm"), function ()


d1perm = IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm").Value;



IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1"), function ()


if(IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1").Value == 0){IR.ClearInterval(d1int);}

if(IR.GetItem("MainPage").GetItem("Door1perm").Value == 0 && d1perm == 1){d1perm = 0;}

d1int = IR.SetTimeout(2000, function()


if(d1perm == 0){IR.GetDevice("KNX").Set("Rele1",0);}



Без серверное части скрипт работал. После создания серверной части и развёртки проекта в виде "панель+сервер" (сервер софтварный, установлен на ПК) строка if(d1perm == 0){IR.GetDevice("KNX").Set("Rele1",0);} стала выдавать ошибку Script exception: TypeError: .... RelayDelay.js:20: Tried to use null as an object.

IR.Log(IR.GetDevice("KNX")) выдаёт null. Команды по нажатию на кнопки (включение/выключение реле на актуаторе) выполняются: реле переключается. Проблема в скрипте или что-то не так настроено в серверной части? Просьба помочь с проблемой (файлы проекта - в приложении).

Project 2 (Panel).irpz
Project 2 (Server).sirpz

Under review

Make public

Andreas-P 6 months ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 5 months ago 1

Every time I’m opening the i3 lite app, make public (synchronization of project with server) pop up. 
Sometimes I need to do this 1-3times before it disappears. And when I use the app some hours later, the same problem comes again.