What has happened to the standard HDL Scanner?

akrano 5 months ago updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 5 months ago 7

I cant find the HDL scanner in the shop, and I really need it to add my devices.
Iridium i3 lite

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We recommend using the HDL Interface module. There is an HDL scanner.

I have tried that as well, but it does not seem to find any devices. It does however ask for username and password, witch I do not have set on anything. I have also tried to add the IP manually.

In the module, you need to specify the gateway settings (host and port) through which you want to work with HDL. If you have a local connection, then you do not need to specify any usernames and passwords. If the settings are correct, the scanner can find your HDL devices located behind the HDL gateway.

I have added the IP for the HDL gateway, but it does not show any devises. 


After adding the HDL Intreface, click on the "+" in the upper-right corner, then click HDL Scanner.

Thank you. i found them now