logicmachine + modbus + iridium server

geekhouse srls 6 years ago in Products / Modbus updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 8

Hello Guys,

how can i setup the iridium server contained inside the logicmachine hardware in the way to use the modbus protocol?

Can you help me ?

Thank you


Hi, we don't support iridium server contained inside the logicmachine. You can install iridium server on other equpment and use modbus over TCP

Hi aleksandr, maybe i wrote a wrong quetion sorry, i am talking about iridium server inside

LogicMachine Re:actor V3

I understand you. But again: we don't support iridium server inside LM

But i have installed it .
.....following your guides....


we have bought the hardware because you suggested in your website..... if now you have changed it, we have bought something we cannot use it

Yes, we developed this version of ALFA for LM, but it works very slowly, because the LM-processor is not powerful for solving these problems. You can use the alfa version of the server, but we do not recommend this path, because any support is not available for this version.

Now you suggest evika, but is the same hardware .....