VLAN tagged Eth on PI 2/3 with i3 Server?

Martin Lang 6 years ago in Server Solutions updated 6 years ago 3


i haven't done anything with raspberry pis yet. question, is it possible

to config the raspberry to run a untagged and a tagged lan on the

network port?

for example, a untagged interface for the controll-data of the i3 server and

panel communication, and a vlan tagged interface for the real control bus like

hdl-bus pro.

maybe anyone can help me with that question?



i found something great: http://www.sbprojects.com/projects/raspberrypi/vlan.php

but the question is, can i3 server handle two different ethernet interfaces?


iRidium will work with only one interface with higher priority.

Please add your idea for voting, how do you see it can be set up?