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Iridium 3pro & DB

Иван Демидкин 8 years ago in Server Solutions updated by Nick Osfol'd 8 years ago 2

I suggest implementing the possibility to connect and read any (majority of) databases. Majority of ASC equipment write their databases in the .mdb format. Support of this database format could expand field of iRidium use.


Changing schedules (clocks/timers) in iRidium Server by end-user

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago in Server Solutions updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 years ago 26


Installers need the option, that end-users can change the scheduled timers/clocks that are defined in iRidium Server.

Also values, used in routines, have to be changeble by end-users. For example set-points for temperatures etc: end-users must be able to change them by theirself.

PLease implement this.




i3 Server acting like a real HDL-Bus device?

Martin Lang 8 years ago in Server Solutions updated by a pivovarov 6 years ago 16 1 duplicate


would it be possible that i3 Server pro can act and react like a real HDL-Buss Device?

In a real installation, there is a mix of Control-Panels like an iPad/iPhone/Android-Tab and real HDL-Bus enabled panels like the DLP panel or switches. It wouldn't be possible to control actions on the i3 server from other panels than i3 panels.

For example, it should be possible to send dimmervalues directly to the i3 server. the i3 server should act like a 12channel dimmer for example. So it would be possible to trigger normal dimming actions from every HDL Bus Device like it would be a real dimmer. Or for example the i3 server should have UniversalSwitches like the HDL LogicModule, so that we can set and read this UniversalSwitches from any HDL-Bus device, etc.

So, please include a method to add "virtual" HDL-Bus-Devices per channel basis like a DimmerChannel or a UniversalSwitch. Also, additional "virtual" devices would be fine like a temperatur module or a curtain module that gets the values from within i3 Server variables...

Also, please include an option to update the current time and GMT+/-offset via the i3 Server to the LogicModule. So that the annoying daylightsaving time would be automatically corrected on the HDL-Bus.


With best regards,

Martin Lang - MEB Austria



Jackie Roos 9 years ago in Server Solutions updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 6 years ago 55

The main feature we needed out of iRidium Server was scheduling and we have not got it in a usable format. This is very disappointing.

Having to use complex JS programming (yes it is complex for most installers) will mean we do not get the take up of iRidium server that we were expecting

I already have a scheduling script (that is much easier to setup than the iRidium Server version in the scenes and macros example). We just run this in one project on a PC on the network that is only used for scheduling and iRidium Gate (ie what iRidium server was going to replace)

All the installer needs to do in my script (and I have done this for them):

delay: driver name: command: hex or text:

"0; Clipsal Gate; ON //JONES/254/56/1; false";

And with the use project tokens in the GUI Editor for if the schedule is enabled, the day of week(not shown), and time and we can much more easily do scheduling:

Image 10175

iRidium server is not solving the scheduling problem - it is making it worse as it is far too complicated.

What we need is a GUI interface to setup scheduling without the need for any JavaScript. 90% of installers are not programmers and this is one of the big preventers of installers using iRidium.

Please re-visit this with urgency as I cannot promote scheduling in the current format as the solution.

In this instance, iRidium server is just replacing a PC. Not a convincing selling point given the increase in complexity for installers :(

Oksana (expert) 7 years ago

Hello everybody!

Did you try to work with this option? Can you have any questions?
We are waiting your feedback!

Iridium Server for Synology NAS?

Martin Lang 8 years ago in Server Solutions updated by Andrey S 7 years ago 11


i'am a user from the beginning, and i like whats going on with iRidium Mobile.

would it be possible to make a iRidiumServer version for the whole synology nas family too?

either as a normal programm package or as a docker? would be really really cool if it runs on the synology nas with two ethernet ports. so eth1 could be used as the normal "house"-lan port and eth2 could be connected to the ip/ethernet interface of the bus system. and in most cases, a nas is allready there and running 24/7, so why don't use it as the server? and its linux, and stable too...


with best regards,

martin lang


Hello Martin,

We plan to support Synology and Qnap, but not in the first release


Run server as Windows service

Alessandro Munari 9 years ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server updated by Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago 6

Hi, just as suggestion it would be better if the Iridium Server will start as Windows SERVICE. This will allow the start of the iridium server also if you were not logged into the system.


Request for reading server channels and tags from KNX

evg 8 years ago in Server Solutions / UMC Server updated by Петр Андреев 8 years ago 2

At the moment reading of KNX channels on the UMC server is not supported.

How can the request for reading from the KNX system be processed by scripts?

Oksana (expert) 8 years ago

Здравствуйте, Евгений

Простите за длительное ожидание ответа. Данный функционал нельзя реализовать на скриптах, требуется доработка в серверном приложении.

Исправила ваше сообщение под идею и выставила ее на голосование


Astro-clock in iRidium server

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago in Server Solutions updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 4 years ago 33


In every server an Astro-clock is available. To make events depending on 'Sun up' or 'Sun down' and/or astronomic time.

Please add this in iRidium server.




Server for Mac OS X

Oksana (expert) 8 years ago in Server Solutions updated 8 years ago 2 1 duplicate

Hello, please vote!


Change name of iRidium Server in Webinterface

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago in Server Solutions / UMC Server updated 7 years ago 3


i think it's a good idea to have the possibility to change the name of de iRidium Server (UMC/RPI) in the webinterface. Now, this is only possible in Linux, but installers wants the possibility to change this also by themself in webinterface.