Bticino myhome and iridium

documentation for Bticino is not available yet.

We have example project on wiki
It depends what you are trying to control and the UI item type (button, level, etc) will determine whether you send a token or number.
So there are 3 things you need to look at.
In the item properties general tab ( item type, button etc and maybe values (min\max\trigger, etc.)
The programming tab, shows the link between the UI and bticino device and when the link will be activated, so when you press\release etc  the ui item.
Then lastly in the right side, the project device panel. the commands are what is sent to the device and feedbacks is what is received from the device.
That's a quick, quick summary....;
Maybe take a look at one of the other protocols where there is more documentation, like KNX. That will give you a better idea of how to configure iRidium.


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