Global Cache IP2IR: problem with short commands sending

"I have perfectly working AMX IRL file for my SONY Bravia TV (from AMX IR devices). I have also some discrete codes from
for the same one - also working with AMX devices right way. When I export codes from AMX IRL file using IRFile or Vert app, on following import do IRL file I can see, that HEX codes are OK - AMX IREdit app shows me warning, that I'm trying to import duplicate code - and it means, that are the same=OK. Discrete codes from I alredy have in HEX format.
But, when I import these working HEX codes using iConvert to iRidium app, my codes are NOT WORKING with IP2IR unit... Of course, I'm using
the right method, described in manuals - one time with headers (replacing missing data - mod-addr,connaddr,repeatcount), one time
without headers (with setting: disable header = false). Only codes from GC IR database included with iRidium GUI app for SONY TV are working - but they are totally different from my, learned or downloaded from and working codes!"

As I found out, problem is with Sony codes - they are too short. In GC I must repeat my code at least 2x and then it starts work. Problem is especially with Sony codes, I have confirmed this info also from Global Cache support. AMX devices send these codes by default for 0.5 second (if code is shorter,
AMX automatically repeats it), so there is difference in comparison with GC, which takes by default only one repetition and send it.

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