iRidium for KNX sends many commands to KNX IP router at startup

when I run iRidium application on the panel, it controls (sends request to) all the KNX devices in the KNX line. I mean I have only one button and one single command object assigned to the  Press event of the button, but it seems that the application sends many commands to KNX IP router and tries to control (interview) all devices (on/off all lights etc.) at startup.
I simply imported the ETS file in GUI Editor and used one of the commands. I use KNX IP router for application. Remember that it happens only at the startup of the application. What can cause this?

It is normal. iRidium requests all feedbacks written in the Feedbacks tab of the driver at project start. It is how the start initialization of the project happens.
In the Feedback tab of driver you need to leave only those feedbacks from which you need to receive feedback. Feedbacks available for reading should have the Read field marked in the ЕТS settings.

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