How to disconnect or reconnect to another Modbus controller There you can find the instructions on how to upload several projects on 1 control device. But you can also use the other way: just combine control of several systems in one project. iRidium allows you to add different drivers for connection with different equipment in 1 project and you can display these drivers on different pages of the project. If it is necessary to deactivate some unused systems, you can do it using the SetParameters function (please see the previous e-mail from us). 

You do not need a Device Pro license for the SetParameters function, just a Device license will be enough. You will need a Device Pro license ONLY if you plan to use ready script modules with feedback (Sonos, XBMC, ....)

If you select the Multi-design function then you will need a separate license for each project. If you choose the other option - several drivers in one project - then you can use one license (a standard Device: if you use just one type of equipment or a Full license: if you use different types).

If you need to change IP without closing the project, then it can be done only using scripts. It is easily done - you will have just standard buttons an you can even make an input field (read more).

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